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Episode 45

Lesbian books taking place in very cold places. That's it. That's the show. Well, that and some musings about self published works, power differentials in romance novels, and the stimulating experience of reading a book that you really like and really disagree with.


Episode 44

Trying out a new segment (current, completed, and impending reads). Also QBP starts in on the Holiday book recommendation gig. Book ideas for your 22 year old girlfriend, a 50 year old woman who loves mysteries, and the Republican in your life. All with queer lady characters!

Episode 43

Romance novels about show business! YA fiction with great dialogue and realistic teenaged characters, but possibly problematic bisexual representation. And stay tuned to the end to hear about my enrollment in the partners program with Powell's Books.

Episode 42

 Your host is blushing about her subpar NaNoWriMo performance thus far and the two incrediably sexy, kinky books she's talking about this week! Reviews of THE NIGHT OFF by Meghan O'Brien and AT HER FEET by Rebekah Whetherspoon.

Episode 41

 Reviews of a couple titles I've really enjoyed recently, and a confidence boost for those undertaking NaNoWriMo.

Episode 40

Most of this podcast discusses romance novels, primarily LOVE BY THE NUMBERS by Karin Kallmaker, a new favorite. Also Mary asks the question: shall we NANOWRIMO, listeners?


Episode 39

 A spooky episode devoted to masterful horror novel THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE by Shirley Jackson and the 1963 and 1999 films it spawned.


Episode 38

Thoughts on Coming Out Day, rec of another lesbian fiction podcast, a comparison of novel The Evil Friendship and the film Heavenly Creatures, plus much more.


Episode 37 

Talking about another fantastic pulp fiction novel, WOMEN'S BARRACKS by Tereska Torres. Plus my mother, Linda Crew, helps correct and clarify some of the issues with authors getting their rights back from publishers and getting their books back in print.


Episode 36

 We're talking sexy witches, GOOD MOON RISING by Nancy Garden, and different ways of looking at a novel.


Episode 35

My take on the new ebook subscription service Oyster, reviews of If You Follow Me by Malena Watrous and The Courier's New Bicycle by Kim Westwood, and your recommendations of underrated lesbian literature.


Episode 34

My rave review for SHE RISES by Kate Worsley, plus news, a response to a listener comment, and the introduction of a new segment called 30 Second Sequels.


Episode 33

 Review of NEVADA by Imogen Binnie. I do find it pleasantly thought provoking even if it isn't my cup of tea. We also have another edition of Film vs. Novel where I compare THE WIVES OF BATH by Susan Swan to the 2001 film Lost and Delirious.


Episode 32

 A review of SISTERLAND by Curtis Sittenfeld. A visit to the Montague Bookmill. Anticipated fall books. A quick wedding story.


Episode 31

My finalized vacation reading list, and a discussion of the novel and film versions of I Can't Think Straight by Shamim Sarif.

Episode 30 

Answers to the four important questions every reading lesbian should think about, plus lots of musings on sexual desire, complicated lesbian relationships, and what to read when you go on vacation.


Episode 29

Updates on what I've been reading, and a couple interesting pieces in the New York Times are highlighted.

Episode 28

Mary gets all sorts of feelings about ANNIE ON MY MIND, and shares a little bit about her mind when she was a teenage. Plus a couple fun kickstarter projects listeners might be interested in.


Episode 27

Mary again attempts a quickie episode--reviews of two romance novels in the wide world of sports. RUNNING WITH THE WIND by Nell Stark and BEAUTIFUL GAME by Kate Christie.


Episode 26 

Lesbians and sports go together like mixy things. Reviews/recommendations of THE SEA OF LIGHT by Jenifer Levin, SWEAT by Lucy Jane Bledsoe, SUDDEN DEATH by Rita Mae Brown, DAMN STRAIGHT by Elizabeth Sims, plus a round up of some of the romance titles that feature sports.


Episode 25

Talkin' DESERT HEARTS versus DESERT OF THE HEART. Plus teen books with unreliable narrators.

Episode 24

This week Mary has lost her reading mojo. She talks about three ways to kickstart your reading when you find yourself lagging in that department. Plus, questions from twitter.

Episode 23 

My reaction to the SCOTUS rulings on gay marriage (spoiler alert, I care more than I would like to admit). A quick look at Under the Dome on CBS. I read another book from Anne Holt's mystery series. And a rave review for Theodora: Actress, Emperess, Whore by Stella Duffy.


Episode 22 

This week Mary talks about sex. You can't see her, but she's blushing throughout the episode! An audio book review, a rundown of the winner of the Lambda Literary Award for lesbian fiction, and some of your thoughts on how much sex we want in our fiction.


Episode 21

 I deconstruct the coverage of the Lambda Literary Awards, plus reviews of Cathy Pegau's excellent sci-fi romance novels RULEBREAKER and DEEP DECEPTION. Also a review of THE DAUGHTERS OF MOAB by Kim Westwood.


Episode 20 

This week Mary breaks down the YA/Childrens category of Lamba Literary Awards. Turns out using brackets and turning it into a tournament didn't make it any easier to judge books against each other. Will she be driven to tears as she has to chose between many fantastic titles? Plus two great novels with secondary lesbian characters.


Episode 19 

Reviews of books by Nairne Holtz, Louise Marley, and Katharine Beutner, and a look into the world of 'zines. Mary talks about the fantastic work of the folks over at Queer Zine Archive Project, and the classic collect of 'zine writing A GIRL'S GUIDE TO TAKING OVER THE WORLD.


Episode 18

 Pansexual-Mannerspunk isn't quite a genre, but if it were, THE PRIVILEGE OF THE  SWORD by Ellen Kushner and KUSHIEL'S DART by Jacqueline Carey would  probably qualify. Reviews of those books, plus the graphic novel Y THE  LAST MAN.


Episode 17

QBP celebrates Mother's Day by talking about some of the ways lesbian motherhood is depicted in lesbian fiction. Your romance novel of the week celebrates time travel. Plus we explore the work of Willa Cather.


Episode 16 

It's the end of the word--will lesbians inherit the earth? Zombies and plagues and other terrible things are leading to some fantastic books I know you're going to want to read. Which literary lesbian characters do you want to recruit for your zombie squad?


Episode 15  

Review of Sarah Diemer's fantastic new YA novel, TWIXT. Another pulp novel from the 50s and a memoir about the romance between Patricia Highsmith and Marijean Meaker.  Plus I continue to be befuddled by romances with good concepts and a few nice moments, but less than thrilling execution.


Episode 14 

This week is all about helping you listeners get to know me the podcaster. I ask my wife to interview me about podcasting, reading, writing, and some other things!


Episode 13 

This week is all about vintage lesbian pulp fiction! ODD GIRL OUT and SPRING FIRE are the two classics I discuss. Also, did you know that the author of SPRING FIRE went on to write a very good YA novel called DELIVER US FROM EVIE?


Episode 12  

 THEFT by BK Loren and THE BIG BANG SYMPHONY by Lucy Jane Bledsoe.  I also talk about the two books my lovely wife read when she first started to realize she might be gay. They were perhaps not the best choices.


Episode 11  

This week, your romance novel is another self published work with an out of the ordinary premise. I talk about some books that made a huge impact on me before I had fully come out to myself as a lesbian. Also I tell a quick story about the first time I verbally acknowledged my queerness.


Episode 10

A self published romance novella by Andi Marquette, YA books that deal with gender and identity, a bittersweet not-quite-gay novel set in the sixties, plus a seriously intense cheerleader novel by Megan Abbott.


Episode 9 

Hot lesbian werewolves in our romance novel of the week, PLUS lesbian feminist werewolves in college, and also regular lesbians in college. Also I get really excited about CARRY THE ONE by Carol Anshaw. So many great titles this week!


Episode 8

LLF YA nominees.  I rave about the Kate Martinelli mystery series by Laurie R. King.


Episode 7 

This entire episode is me getting really excited about about Virginia Woolf and Alison Bechdel. 


Episode 6 

a romance novel about a cowgirl named Ryder, mainstream fiction and quality queer historical fiction


Episode 5 

a book about a necromancer,  things romance novelists say about nipples, and four books about falling in love with a lunatic.


Episode 4 

Romance novel of the week, plus a list of books that make great gifts for both lovers and would be lovers.


Episode 3  

Learn a little something about the ancient Greek poet Sappho, plus some excellent science fiction and your romance novel of the week.


Episode 2 

Nicola Griffith's mystery series, and a lesbian romance novel drinking game!


Episode 1 

 The first episode of Queer Books Please features recommendations of a series of mysteries by Elizabeth Sims, and two science fiction novels featuring female only societies. I also wander around on the Amazon.com lesbian new releases page. 

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