> Queer Books Please: January 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

episode 3 preview + webpage update

Can I direct your attention to the upper left corner of the blog? You should see a link that says "book list." I will be keeping a running tally of the books I discuss on the podcast on that page. That way you don't always have to sort through all the old show notes to find a title or an author. I will also list what episodes featured those books, in case you want to hear what I've said about a specific title in the past.

I'm planning a fantastic show for this weekend! Talking about some good science fiction titles, including my favorite thing I read in 2012. Plus: Sappho! What do you know about Sappho? When I started researching for this episode I knew this: Greek, old, lived on an island, taught poetry, loved the ladies. Have I learned anything else? Find out Saturday!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lesbian Romance Drinking Game

Get yourself a drink. Get yourself a tawdry lesbian romance. Drink responsibly and have fun!

Drink any time one love interest decided to keep a secret from the other. Also drink any time they lie to each other.

Drink for loving description of shoes

Drink for any mention of these clothing items:
  • cargo pants
  • turtlenecks
  • suits
  • cocktail dress
  • uniform

Lesbian taste in clothes varies widely. Drink whenever the author writes about an outfit as if it obviously the pinnacle of fashion, but you just aren't buying it.

Drink whenever the love interests argue about something.

Drink if a love interest has never had good sex, but didn’t worry about it before.

Drink if a love interest has had lots of really good but emotionless and cold sex that never lead to attachments or feelings and always seemed to work for her.

Have a celebratory drink if one of the love interests had a normal, positive sex life before meeting the other love interest. And then email me the title!

Drink if anyone gets injured or sick. AND:
  • If the love interest takes care of their wounded lover, you may take another sip and sigh dreamily
  • If the love interest refuses all treatment and comfort, you should swig something, preferably some sort of super butch liquor

Drink for if nipples should ever become erect, but the lovers are clothed and not even touching each other. You may read this with shock, but it happens in these novels!

Drink if anyone is drinking. Drink again if they are drinking the same thing you have.


And here are my favorite, finish-you-drink-and-get-a-new-one rules. 

Finish your drink if the love interests suffer a terrible setback in their relationship due to a very simple and avoidable misunderstanding.

Finish your drink if one of the ladies tries to go out with someone other than their One True Love Interest, but her date can tell that something is wrong and gently lets her off the hook.

Finish your drink if the heroine is ever threatened by someone, and is then neatly dispatched by the love interest. Especially if she says something like "nobody touches my girl!"

Have you read a book that goes particularly well with this game? Do you have any other rules you think I should add? Comment or email me at queerbooksplease@gmail.com

Episode 2 - Lesbian Romance Drinking Game

Episode contains: what I read this week, thoughts on how to talk about lesbian romance novels, a recommendation of Nicola Griffith's mystery series, and a lesbian romance novel drinking game! Hope you enjoy as I continue to experiment and improve to find the best way to entertain you and get more books on your reading list.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

episode 2 teaser

Working on episode two, which will include more quality lesbian mysteries, a plan of action to increase my exposure to lesbian romance novels without going crazy or broke. And part of that plan is my new lesbian romance novel drinking game!

In the meantime, check out this great sale on printed books by Bold Strokes Books.

Way cheaper than ebooks, in fact. Picking up a handful from that list might be a part of my strategy to read more romance, and help you find the good stuff that's out there. 

Episode two will be out on the 26th.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Episode 1 - January 19, 2013

First episode ever of Queer Books Please. I hope you enjoy it and hang with me as I continue to tweak the format.