> Queer Books Please: episode 3 preview + webpage update

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

episode 3 preview + webpage update

Can I direct your attention to the upper left corner of the blog? You should see a link that says "book list." I will be keeping a running tally of the books I discuss on the podcast on that page. That way you don't always have to sort through all the old show notes to find a title or an author. I will also list what episodes featured those books, in case you want to hear what I've said about a specific title in the past.

I'm planning a fantastic show for this weekend! Talking about some good science fiction titles, including my favorite thing I read in 2012. Plus: Sappho! What do you know about Sappho? When I started researching for this episode I knew this: Greek, old, lived on an island, taught poetry, loved the ladies. Have I learned anything else? Find out Saturday!

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