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Thursday, January 23, 2014

On Hiatus

Time to make it official. I'm taking a break from the podcast for at least the next few months. I've found my attention drifting to other projects, and the fact of the matter is that I only have time for a certain amount of extracurricular activities. I also believe very strongly in offering my listeners a certain quality of work, one that can only be produced with my full attention and commitment. That's just not there right now.

The website will remain up, with all the assorted book lists and recommendations that I hope you've found useful. And the entirety of the podcast back catalog will remain available on iTunes and directly on this website here. Feel free to comment here or email me if you want to get in touch. And I'm always available on twitter, too, if you want to get in touch, although I've changed my twitter handle to @maryofftopic to reflect my.... wandering focus as of late.

If I get back into the podcasting game, whether with Queer Books Please or another project, that would probably happen in the second half of 2014, when life changes may see more time for me to focus on personal creative work.

Finally I want to say thanks to everyone for making Queer Books Please in 2013 a really fun and amazing project!

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  1. Oh! I'll miss your insights! Good luck with the new/old projects... I know all too well what a wandering-brain feels like!