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Sunday, February 10, 2013

whatsthatbook.com is hilarious and awesome and fun

My wife is a very smart lady who knows a lot about science. But her pop culture knowledge is less comprehensive. I sometimes can't help but ask her questions like "what's the plot of The Godfather?" because I'm just so curious about what she's picked up without ever seeing the movie or reading the book. As interesting as I find this, it sort of annoys her.

Luckily I've found a sort of equivalent activity--browsing the site whatsthatbook.com

It does what it says on the tin--people post what they remember from the book--plot points, what the cover looked like, that sort of thing. And it's amazing what people can retain. Being me, I immediately searched "lesbian" to see what I could find.

There was a girl having a sweet sixteen only she was only fourteen i think....  At one point someone was accused of being not a real lesbian... Near the beginning there was a party and someone came in on a horse... There was a time in the book where some people were making out in her parents coat closet. (Yes I think someone coming into a sweet sixteen/fourteen party on a horse might get my attention too!)

Romance/Fashion novel about a young woman trying to become a fashion designer.... I remember there is a lesbian scene with 2 women on the floor, and the woman has a rich friend.... at the end she finds out she's pregnant and thinks to herself now she'll design a line of baby clothes (Lesbian scene on the floor, awesome! But wait, she's mysteriously pregnant at the end? Hmm.)

...it was about this girl who visited a grave ... and something happened where she ended up having this flower or something similar growing in her and she had a lesbian best friend and at the end of the book she was going to turn into a ghost or something  (Turns into a ghost? Meaning she dies? I think that the phrase "to die" should now always be replaced with "to turn into a ghost")

Supposedly based on a true story, it is the tale of a young native woman who is abducted into a new tribe and eventually adapts to and and becomes an integrated member of that new tribe. She proves adept at 'men's' work and becomes a hunter. She eventually marries a woman, this arrangement being accepted in her tribe because she is perceived as a 'man'. To gain her bride, she must, I think, get a certain number of special hides/furs which are, I think, white. Near the end, she takes a second bride and perhaps a third. (This actually sounds pretty awesome and the site tells me that the book is probably Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison by Lois Lenski  it also sounds like something I definitely would have read as a child although I don't remember any of the Indian captive stories that I read ending with a girl taking multiple wives. Will have to reread!)

 Anyway, I found the site fairly entertaining and suspect others might as well. Also a great way to add to your reading list.

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