> Queer Books Please: Episode 17 - Time Travel & Nuns & Willa Cather

Friday, May 10, 2013

Episode 17 - Time Travel & Nuns & Willa Cather

Help me celebrate Mother's day by exploring some of the different ways lesbian motherhood is depicted in lesbian fiction. Take a crash course in Willa Cather so you can read her recently published letters and search for lesbian subtext. Plus reviews of books featuring time travel and nuns (not in the same book, unfortunately). 

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If you're interested in reading more fiction by Willa Cather I can recommend her short stories, particularly "Flavia and Her Artists," "Coming, Aphrodite!" and "Tommy, the Unsentimental." The segments of her novels I read are excellent and I will certainly discuss them once I can read them in full.

THE SPANISH PEARL by Catherine Friend

Sometimes when reading slightly trashy / low brow books, I don't know how to deferentiate between the books I've thoroughly enjoyed and the books I had to, well, try to enjoy. But in this podcast, I review a couple books that promise further books in a series, and in one case, I'm excited for the next book, and in the other, I might give it a pass. So i guess that's a pretty good gut check of where my feelings lie.

Music used this episode

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